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Hello, and thank you for visiting the website!

Did you know that 80% of cut flowers sold in the U.S. are produced in other countries? Those flowers are frequently grown using chemical pesticides and other non-ecofriendly practices. After harvest, they are dry shipped hundreds to thousands of miles before distribution, and then who knows how long they sit before being sold. There is a better way! Locally grown flowers are fresher than those that have been shipped hundreds to thousands of miles, have a longer vase life, and come from a member of your community.

I'm Renee', flower farmer and believer in a better way to bring flowers into your life. My mission is to produce locally grown flowers using sustainable and responsible practices. I have gardened for as long as I can remember, first growing vegetables with my mom in our Florida backyard, and now growing gorgeous flowers and delicious produce. I'm a retired biology professor and ornithologist, a Bartow County Master Gardener volunteer, and occasional public speaker. I also love bringing smiles to faces, and who doesn't smile when they see a sunflower!

Bluebird Haven Farm is my happy home in Taylorsville, GA where my husband and I have lived for nearly thirty years. When deciding on a name for the farm, I naturally choose Bluebird Haven since I had studied and managed an Eastern Bluebird population where I taught. Three bluebird pairs make their homes here on the farm as well as Eastern Phoebes, Carolina Wrens, Mockingbirds, Carolina Chickadees, and Tufted Titmouse. As a nature lover, birder, and responsible farmer, I strive to provide a safe haven for pollinator insects, birds, and other wildlife.

Let me invite you to join the locally-grown movement and enjoy the beauty of fresher flowers. Your purchase of flowers from Bluebird Haven Farm is greatly appreciated!